How to Fix: Scansnap ix500 scanner won’t power on

If you can’t turn on your scanner, here’s a way to fix it.

Disclaimer: Nothing here should be harmful to your scanner, but you do it at your own risk! 

The Scansnap ix500 is a great little sheet-fed scanner. Mine suddenly wouldn’t turn on any more, and it seemed to be dead, it was just turned off all the time. The manuals were of no help, so I contacted support. They were very good, and got back to me within a few hours with the following suggestion:

On the top surface, on the left hand side when your ScanSnap iX500’s ADF cover is opened you will find a small black square. This square is a power switch which automatically should “pop up” as the ADF cover opens. The switch can sometimes get stuck pressed down and cause the scanner not to power up. Please make sure that this black square is level with the rest of the plastic around it. If it would be pressed down it can be released by manipulating it with a thin object like a paper clip and the scanner should light up.

If the button is level and the scanner is still not showing any sign of life I would have to ask you to try another plug for powering your scanner and another USB port. I would also advise trying another power lead and adapter as well as another USB cable if possible.

I’ve fixed it by poking a pencil into the button just to give it a little nudge, and also by very gently tapping the left-hand side of the scanner with my hand. WARNING: A reader has commented below saying that they snapped the lead of their pencil inside their scanner, so either be very careful if you use a pencil, or use a paperclip instead!

These images show the little black button that you need to pop out, circled here in red. Click the image for a larger version if you need to.