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Your traffic sources have a half-life

I read a great article a while back that will be of interest to all publishers promoting their online publications. It’s called Your Traffic Sources Have a Half-Life by Rob Walling.

Here are a couple of quick lessons I take from the article:

1. Consider how much lasting, long-term value each piece of promotion has.

Every article you write goes towards boosting your SEO rankings, and attracting new readers, so each time you write an article you are investing in the future of your publication.

Advertising to get fans or followers can often be a good investment when you’re just starting out. But I found through real life experience when I was working with Publisha that once you hit a certain magic number of followers, around 1,000, you can stop advertising and things take off under their own steam.

2. Build your list of followers like crazy.

In this day and age, you’ll know that by sharing articles on Facebook and Twitter (and Google Plus if you like), you can increase your audience. Having Facebook “Like” buttons (or similar) on your articles encourages people to become a fan of your publication, where they will see messages you post on your wall from that point onwards.

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